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Zaresia flag

Capitol: Zimpegu

Official Religion: Pagan;

A worship of 8 Forces that can be mixed alchemically to achieve connection with the spiritual and to affect fate: Life & Death, Fate & Will, Order & Chaos, and Male & Female

Major Cities: Buenda, Busi, Yatsa, Vingu, Satshuru, Luazi and Kutu.

Citizens: Zars, Zaresians, or Zarans;

With chocolate skin, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and round features, the Zars are sometimes called the Brown People. They are one of the tallest races in Uphelios, averaging 6'3". They are tall and lithe to lanky in build, with an exotic grace that has made them a favoured race for slavery.


Historical notes: The Zars recently came out of a series of wars with an aggressive sect of Cabalists known as the Chiim. Despite their alchemical potions, tictures and weapons, the Chiim fought ferociously, their Cabal Mages wreaking havoc from their Angel Worship. It culminated on the Day of the Crucible, when the entire city of Kuasu was flooded with molten lead when they refused to convert or surrender. Over 5000 people lost their lives, and many more were displaced as refugees. This great Exodus sent many into Namir for shelter, and for a rare occasion of Numas rising to aide their neighbour from this assault despite their own religious differences. From the ashes, a new weapon was developed - the Powder Chest, an alchemical cannon that is now turning the tides between vessels on the High Seas - for those ships who can afford to fuel them.

(Influences: Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Libya)