Tarot Card back jc

The back of the Uphelios Tarot Cards

The Uphelios Tarot deck is based off the Rider-Waite Tarot deck of Earth, with a decidely pirate theme. The card designs feature the characters from Weaponry, the comic, drawing parallels between the card meanings and the characters themselves. Within the world of Uphelios, the figures pictured are not the characters of the story, though all imagery and symbolism is replicated in the Uphelios Tarot.

Styles of the Uphelios Tarot:Edit


The 'original' Tarot of Uphelios, the Uvatsperan style is based on the elements of power in the world, including pirates, harlots, templars, witches and tacticians. The four elemental suits are defined as: Swords (air/intellect), Treasures (earth/body), Mermaids (water/emotion), Bones (fire/energy). They use the Uvatspere Shield spread.


The Heresperan Tarot has slightly adjusted imagery, but mostly it differs in the way the cards are interpreted and why the cards are read. It focuses on the Herespere Fan spread.


The Pedwyrrans adopted the use of the Tarot from trade routes through Herespere and through Sperana. This combination of styles enabled the Pedwyrrans to developed a hybrid use of the cards that took elements from both Uvat- and Heresperan styles. They use the Pedwyrr Fan spread.