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Capitol: Kazeem

Official Religion: Pagan;

A belief of a series of spheres of reality in which the body, mind and soul are woven, and that to affect and change in that world, an equal payment must be made to keep the spheres balances

Major Cities: Mauremae, Ngoti Julasi, Ngoti Amartla, Zaehta Miroe, Hakazta, Guengata and Ngoti Zeela.

The Island of Poripua.

Citizens: Tumans, Tummies, Tumesians;

Tall, stocky and with little body hair to speak of, the Tumans are a formidable race. They are dense and strong - perhaps the only race to be able to physically equal the Davoslanders. Their skin is blue-black like their Samolian neighbours, with equally blue-black hair. Their eyes range from brown to black to garnet and tend to be quite large and sometimes bulbous in the face. Their lips and noses are usually wide and thick-set as the rest of them.

Culture: The single island off the coast of Tumesia is their most sacred land. it is a place for their coming of age ceremonies, their funeral pyres and their hermits. While most Tumans are stoic, patient and reserved, slander in word or act against Poripua can incense them to murder. It is believed to be the Central Sphere, the World's Naval, or Kōmata o te rangi in their own tongue. This point is thought to be the very axis on which the world turns and from whence comes all of the planet's life, souls and energy. To damage Poripua is to wound the planet itself, and all living things on it.

Historical notes:Edit

(Influences: Australian Aborigines, the Maori, Papua New Guinea)