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Toltana flag

Capitol: Sant Catarina

Official Religion: Holy Cross

Major Cities: Sant Romasi

Citizens: Toltans;

Pale-skinned and frequently freckled, the Toltans are of midling height, slender builds and dark-eyed. Their hair is dark, typically black, raven or dark brown, and it is worn long by both men and women. Their men usually sport facial hair after they reach the age of majority, though the styles are subject to social whim as fashion dictates.

Culture: Completely land-locked by Pedwyrr, Gothan, Ganon and Sperana, Toltana is one of the most multicultural nations in the known world, and as such has largely become a place of sanctuary for negotiations and diplomacy.

Historical notes: From its picturesque rolling hills in summertime to its frost-kissed winter farmlands, Toltana is peaceful and picturesque. Their people have long kept to themselves, being quietly pious and charitable in daily life. When conflicts arise in the world, the Toltans have been valiant in heeding cries for help, despite their modest forces. While few, they are incredibly solidaritous and brave. Still, they are most effective as an instrument of peace, offering sanctuary for those facing persecution and arranging negotiations from conflicting nations. Many a time in history have the Toltans played host to exiled monarchs, persecuted heretics and political refugees. Perhaps because of this international reputation as a safe haven, it is a popular destination for those seeking spiritual refuge, wealthy aristocrats taking holiday or those suffering from maladies to take the cure in their famous hot springs.

(Influences: Luxembourg, The Vatican City, Switzerland, the city of Bath)