Target Portrait j

Asher Avidan, aka Target


Name: Asher Avidan

Homeland: Rabinon; island: Serterra; city: Houkis

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140lbs

DOB: Elul 3rd (Virgo)

Age: 15

Hair: Cinnamon Brown

Skin: Olive (with freckles)

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Affiliation: Weaponry, DeHavilland (previously the Bright Star)

Faith: Mother-on-High


Asher's mother was killed in a raid by the notoriously ruthless pirate Erasmus No-Mercy, and he was taken captive by Erasmus' son, Thaddeus. Protected and taught by Thaddeus to be a Cabin Boy, and kept even after Thaddeus' brother cut out Asher's tongue has endeared him to his protector. When Thaddeus became Trebuchet and started up his Weaponry Academy, Asher took on the name Target and followed his master onto his new ship. Unlike the other students at Weaponry, Target has no desire to ever be a Pirate Captain, and instead wishes to stay by Trebuchet's side.