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Tantland flag

Capitol: Gravis

Official Religion: Holy Cross

Major Cities: Goldbaum, Nachthud, Silberberg, Franklin, and Zwei Felsen.

Citizens: Tantlanders, Tants.

Tantlanders are rosy-cheeked and pink-skinned, with hearty builds. Their hair is blond, sandy, honey-toned or strawberry, with often ample body hair, though it's pale hue makes it less notable than some other races. Their eyes can be amber, hazel, teal, blue or grey. They are typically jovial and vivacious, and notoriously hard to keep down, whether in spirit or a fight.

Culture: They take their faith less dourly than the Sperans, but are still a very devout nation. Much emphasis is put on honest labour in Tantland, and for this reason it is more common to find Tantlanders as sailors, labourers or Templars than as pirates. And yet, their great physical strength and resolute constitution makes them a durable people regardless of their situation. These are the folk that bear pain with a grin, that never let foul weather lay them off their path, and feel the best cure for any ailment is action.

Historical notes: Despite their expansive country, much of it is uninhabitable terrain. Its rocky northern shores are often thick with ice, vegetation weedy and stunted by the hard ground and low nutrient content. Moving south the mountainous, thickly forested land yields a lot of game animals, fowl and fishes in the rivers, but still a hard and unyielding landscape.

(Influences: Germany, Scotland)