Suwasu map copy
Suwasu Flag j

Capitol: Toltik

Official Religion: Cabal Angels

Major Cities: Lodwata, Mumir, Meruvoi, Nyeriti, Sulewa, Naivuru and Raderajir.

Citizens: Suws, Suwans, Wesans;

The Suws are short (usually averaging 5'0"), with an Asian tan to their skin, which can at times bequite yellow in tone which has led to a number of racial slurs. They are square-featured in build and in face, with almond-eyes with no ephithelial fold. Their iris colour ranges from russet to black, and their hair can fall anywhere in the spectrum of caramel to russet to black.

Their nation is characterized by great expanses of grasslands home to some of the biggest roaming animals, including elephants, giraffes and wildebeasts. Their clothing is usually light by decorated with animal motifs, prints or skins, and their clothing dyes range through all manner of naturally bright colours from the clays, ores and plants native to their lands. They are fond of beads, talismans and other jewellery, and often sport ornate hair-styles that are prepared and then waxed into place for a week or more at a time.


Historical notes:

(Influences: Saudi Arabia, the Serengeti, the Sahara, Kenya)