Suud kowego map copy
Suud Kowego Flag j

Capitol: Torak

Official Religion: Cabal Angels

Major Cities: Park, Kiyoum, Seung, Yamoa, Terol, Masa, Paroul.

Citizens: The people of Suud Kowego are also called Kowegans, though the more nationalistic or jingoistic refer to themselves as Amerans, Suudi, or Sukos.

Asian-tanned with almond-shaped eyes in amber/garnet/orange/rust colours and hair in the same spectrum. They are sleek-bodied, rather androgynous and fairly short in stature.


Historical notes: After the civil war, and the divide between the Dictator Mau He-Suk and the Democrat Fan Mi-Yung, Suud Kowego broke away from Kowego proper in a tumult of revolution, piracy and violence. It was a reign of terror and bloodshed during which hundreds of thousands of lives were lost.

Their nation is yet new, largely untested and their newly elected official Jyoon Mi-Kim is getting a lot of cold shoulders in world politics. Sometimes this is due to his low-born origin, and other times it's due to pre-existing loyalties to Kowego proper. Despite this rough and unwelcome start to the world arena, and the difficulty they have been having with rampant piracy along their coast, they are still an industrious nation, willing to harvest their many resources, make the dangerous forays south into the frontier and brave the Great Sea, and this courage is quickly gaining attention.