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Capitol: Madrigal

Official Religion: Holy Cross

Islands: Barbella

Major Cities: Dragosina, Tortuan (on Barbella), Cortez, Padua, Lunes, and Fieresa.

Citizens: Speranans, Sperans, or Spers

Culture: Ruddy-skinned and red-black haired (typically curly and thick), they are a swarthy, fiery people known for their passion in all things. They tend to be curvy or stocky in build with often thick body hair. Their eyes are dark and flashing, red-brown to black in colour, and usually with long, thick lashes. In their women, much poetry and song has been written of the allure of their passionate eyes.

The conversion of Sperana to the Holy Cross was perhaps the single driving factor in the ensuing missionary routes and Crusade conversions of many other nations, including Tokaskan and Beracco.

Historical notes:

(Influences: Spain, Italy, Crusaders, Spanish Inquisition)