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Sverrir Anvindr, aka Sights



Name: Sverrir Anvindr

Homeland: Latolia, Svejelad

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 193lbs

DOB: Shevat 24th (Capricorn)

Age: 30

Hair: White

Skin: White (windburnt)

Eyes: Grey

Affiliation: DeHavilland

Position: Master of Navigation and Sciences

Faith: Mother-on-High


Sverrir never wanted to be a pirate. He was contented in his marriage, had three beautiful daughters and a shining career as a Cartographer. He was offered a post as Dean of Geography at the Herespere University - the most prestigious educational institute in the world. While en route to his new post with his family, their passenger ship was attacked by the Bleriot and he and his family were taken hostage. When they learned who he was, they raped and killed his wife in the efforts of convincing him to help them decipher a particularly difficult map that would reveal the location of a massive treasure held by the King of Ganon. They beat and tortured him until he at last submitted, hoping to spare his daughters the same treatment. After they discovered the treasure by following Sverrir's guidance, he learned that his daughters had also been raped and killed while he had been imprisoned. Heartbroken, he tried to kill himself, but was discovered and saved by Osprey. In time, the two become close friends, and then lovers. When Osprey took sides with Trebuchet during the Divide, Sverrir followed him and took the name of Sights. He was assigned to the post of Master of Navigation and Sciences.