Shrapnel j 2

Diego del Vandros, aka Shrapnel


Name: Diego del Vandros

Homeland: Sperana; city: Dragosina

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 245lbs

DOB: Nisan 1st (Aries)

Age: 26

Hair: Black

Skin: Red tan

Eyes: Red-Brown

Affiliation: De Havilland

Position: Master of Pillage and Plunder

Faith: Atheist


Diego was a bad seed right from the start. By the time he was 18 he had been convicted of 16 felonies, including several counts each of murder, rape, arson and assault. He was finally captured and sentenced to death by hanging. When they were transporting him from the prison to the gallows, he escaped and managed to evade the authorities, and hid away on a passenger ship called the Ballista. When the ship was attacked by the De Havilland, he attacked his fellow hostages and then the ship's gendarmes, causing utter chaos. Through the disaster, the De Havilland pirates easily took control of the ship and Diego fought his way back onto the De Havilland when the priates returned to their own ship. Trebuchet sent Diego to work on his father's ship in return for keeping command of the Ballista. When the Divide came, Diego chose to return to Trebuchet's ship with the excuse that "Trebuchet's command would chafe less than Dreadnaught's". In Weaponry Academy he was given the post of Master of Pillage and Plunder.