Shield profile j

Khafid ab Qaadir, aka Shield


Name: Khafid ab Qaadir

Homeland: Namir; city: Jeshaam

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 290lbs

DOB: Ethanim 10th (Libra)

Age: 35

Hair: Chestnut Brown

Skin: Chocolate Brown

Eyes: Coffee Brown

Affiliation: DeHavilland

Position: Master of Commerce, Lures and Bargaining

Faith: Cabal Angels


Khafid was a refugee of the Cabal Purge of Zaresia and was taken in by the nation of Namir along with thousands of others. He was an orphan when he arrived in Jeshaam, and was taken in by a Cabalist Monastery. They taught him arithmetic, prayer, literacy, astrology, divination and astronomy. However, Khafid used his knowledge for mischief and became an accomplished pick-pocket. He was sent on a pilgrimage to learn piety but escaped from his handlers and took to the streets. With his brilliant mind and fine education he became a prince of paupers and developed a following of urchins, thieves and other orphans. By the time he was 17 he heard of the exploits of the Bleriot and its indefatigable captain Erasmus No-Mercy and tracked the ship down and enlisted. He worked on the ship for years, learning the ways of piracy and helped to educate the hapless vagabonds on board to refine them into a skilled and focused crew. With his help, Erasmus No-Mercy's pirates became the most feared on the Seven Seas. It was his idea to start a school for piracy, and when the Divide came, Trebuchet took him up on the offer, putting Shield in the post of Master of Commerce, Lures and Bargaining.