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Capitol: Svota

Official Religion: Mother-on-High

Major Cities: Alesk, Lyuban, Mariinski, Magasdan, Orskov, Penzo, Pokrova, Rudinsk, Samara, Sarpula, Svirsk, Teyshetna and Yeletsny.

Citizens: Rusans, Rusies;

Dusky-skinned, tall, sturdy and hardy or strong. Their hair is notoriously thick and bushy and ranges from dark red, to berry, to auburn and can occasionally be black. They are unanimously blue-eyed, with strong cheekbones and prize a strong chin. The Rusans are against body modification, unless it is due to an impediment, such as eyeglasses or a peg-leg. They believe the Mother made us exactly what we were meant to be, and that it would be sacriledge and hubris to alter that. Because of this, most men wear moustaches and beards, with the exception of Doctors and alchemists, and other professions where long whiskers can be a hazard to one's trade.

Culture: The great and ancient nation of Rusa has a long and colourful history to match its wide and varied landscape. There is perhaps no starker contrast between the ornate and colourful Rusan cities and the bleak, vast, empty wilderness of the uninhabited spaces between those cities. Her people are known for their dark senses of humour, their nearly foolhardy determination to attempt even in the face of sure defeat, and their unwavering faith. While sometimes considered boorish or dour by foreign nations, their alliegance is stalwart and true to any man who has earned it.

Historical notes:

(Influences: Croatia, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic)