Language: Mediran

A term referring to a specific type of labourer, or member of the working poor. The Rastabouds are those who have been put into the workhouses from a young age, some as small as 3 or 4, due to the death, infection or imprisonment of their legal guardians/parents. In countries who have abolished or socially frown upon slavery, rastabouds are an easy alternative. They are paid nothing, provided with the most basic of lodgings, food and clothing, and can be hired for a single task or an entire season. While they are often uneducated, untrained or even dispensible, they make up a large portion of the health-hazardous jobs in Medirland, Tantland, Laosland, and much of the area surrounding the Ring Sea. They are commonly seen working as Chimneysweeps, sewer labourers, attendants in sick houses or leper colonies, hard work in mills, mines and factories, etc.

((Also see the Olde English term "roustabout"))