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Capitol: Hathana

Official Religion: Mother-on-High

Islands: Rabina Archipelago (Isla Theosopha, Isla Matera, Lacryma, Konis, Mikonis, Isla Terra, Kotes, Vestra, Serterra, Vest Due Isle, Est Due Isle, Lacos, Isla Zephyra)

Major Cities: Garrison Bay, Houkis, Ganymera, Tiroia, Persean, Piraeus and Poseidonia

Citizens: Nonans, Rabinese, Binonians

Nonans are typically olive-skinned (frequently freckled, especially on the islands) and dark-haired with lighter eyes than their otherwise dark colourations would suggest. Their hair is typically curly, comes in shades of brown, auburn or berry and they tend to wear it long, whether loose or bound. Their eyes can be teal, green, blue or amber and are usually very bright or jewel-like. On rare ocasions they can have brown eyes, and these are thought to be a sign of demure beauty, and are greatly prized. They tend to be short, compact and spry.

Culture: Rabinon omprises the mainland contingent as well as the thirteen Island States, including Isla Theosopha. Originally, all of the Nonan Islands were separate nations, and the mainland comprised as many as 7 nations. The warring between them was one of the first real forays into nautical warfare, and through it, expansion of the Marauder's Sea and the first piracy began. Now, while often hedging animosity between neighbouring islands, or even between adjacent towns, the Nonans are fiercely unified against foreign threats, especially Rabimira, Rusa and Uvatspere. The adage is that only a Nonan may insult a Nonan.

Historical notes: Their closest relatives are the Mirans, but have long held animosity between the two nations.

(Influences: Hellenistic Greece, Roman Empire, Etruscans)