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Capitol: Lexandmira

Official Religion: Cabal Angels (birthplace)

Major Cities: Izmir, Van, Adena, Mersyn, Corum, Tarses and Nevsehir.

Citizens: Mirans;

Olive-skinned like their Nonan ancestors, the Mirans hardly ever develop freckles, though they do occasionally bear birthmarks. Their hair is dark and curly, in black, brown or deep russet; their eyes are dark as well, and usually long-lashed, in black, deep grey, brown or (rarely) midnight blue. They tend to be a bit rounder in features than the Nonans, with more prominant lips and noses, and softer cheekbones. They are also more predisposed to corpulence, although this usually only strikes the unwell, the over-indulgent and the elderly.

Culture: The Mirans have a rich cultural history, and have given many of the once-exotic trends to the world. It was they that initiated the use of Castrati, Harems and Brothels, Koçek (male belly dancers), perfumes and mosaics.

Their philosophers have been prolific, embarking on desert odysseys through which they have penned poetry, song and works of debate, philosophy, theology, and science. The Soothsayer Ali Mouhad discovered the presence of the Cabal Angels during one of these sojourns, and it is largely his writings and teachings that comprise the portion of the Cabal Scrolls known as the Handbook, widely considered the core of the entire religion.

Historical notes: Prior to the rise of the Cabalists, Rabimira was content to stay on her hot peninsula and allow others to come to her. She was rich in resources and treasures and was quite happy trading with other nations. Her cultures and customs were considered an exotic curiosity, and many delegates were sent to learn, as well as take part in exchanges of scholars, ambassadors, troubadours and philosophers. Once their faith took a full and universal root on her people, trending away from their original atheist leanings, the Mirans began pushing back into the world. Not only did they turn back the efforts of the Holy Cross to convert their people, but they too set forth into the world, often finding nations beleagured by the heavy-handed efforts of Holy Cross Missionaries and offering a soothing, more inclusive and less condemning spiritual balm. The Cabalists did not seek to compress and regiment daily life, they sought to see it flourish, to encourage expression and form of the mortal spirit and through it create tangible works. True they too have their rules and moralities and superstitions, but their approach, so soft and 'easy' to fall into has pitted the Mirans as 'devils' to devout and xenophobic Holy Cross believers.

(Influences: Turkey, Persia, Babylon, Otz Chiim and the Sephiroth of the Qaballah)