Mother-on-High Moirae Flame j

Mother-on-High Flame

The Mother-on-High is the oldest known organized religion in Uphelios, predating the Holy Cross by about 2000 years, and the Cabal Angels by about 2300 years. The Mother-on-High is a cult religion that may have evolved from Pagan practices on Numas. It is a matriarchal faith that offers its acolytes wisdom, guidance and protection from evil. Unlike the active conversions of the other religions, the Mother-on-High followers are very secretive and their teachings are only imparted to their initiatives. Because of this open assistance to the masses, but strict control of practitioners to only the most faithful and devoted to the Goddess, they have retained purity from largess and greed that has coloured the Holy Cross, and the often self-contradictory nature inspired by the desire to encompass all peoples as the Cabalists do. There are many misconceptions about the services offered, and they are demonized by the Holy Cross as lascivious seducers and witches, and by the Cabalists as charlatans with half-glimpsed knowledge lacking the guidance of Heaven. Despite these more recent attacks on the Mother-on-High and the loss of some of their territory to the more aggressive religions, they still retain the following nations: Numas, Davosland, Latolia, Rusa, Rabinon, Herespere (though the Cabalists are swiftly making progress here) and Medirland.