Medirland map copy
Medirland Flag j
Capitol: Angsfold

Official Religion: Mother-on-High

Major Cities: Eden, Greenwood, Tierfiord and Riversmouth

Citizens: Medans, Medirans, Medirlanders

Culture: Cream-skinned; various warm browns/honey-toned hair, occasionally golden; any colour eyes; midling height; slender build. Elegant dress, stylish without being overly-fancy, slightly androgynous dress.

Historical Notes: A land of fable and myth, Medirlanders often find themselves living in a fairy tale. From enchanted forests to quaint cottages of mystic wisewomen, Medirland has a feeling in the air that induces in some spiritual awakening and in others the heebie-jeebies. The Oracles at Tierfiord are one of the few Numas-sanctioned Mother-on-High Temples allowed to induct and teach without constant oversight of the High Priestesses of Numas. It is said that something potent binds the land, enabling it to remain prosperous and autonomous despite the many efforts of Davosland and Tantland to consume or convert the country and its modest population. Promises made in Medirland must be kept, for if broken, some unseen force seems to plague the soul. Likewise, it is the sort of place where the Medirland proverb "Careful what you wish for" gains tangible weight.

(Influences: Portugal, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Sherwood Forest, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Oracle of Delphi)