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Laosland flag

Capitol: Laos

Official Religion: Holy Cross

Major Cities: Curtiss, Kaplan, Raigher and Kidd.

Citizens: The people of Laosland are called Laos, Laosans or Lasans. Fair-skinned, flame-orange haired with blue/brown/hazel eyes, they are stocky, shorter people with densely-muscled men and voluptuous women.

Culture: Known for their fiery nature, inflamed sense of injustice and fundamental religious tenacity, the Laos have made an indelible print on the world. Doing perhaps more for the spread of the Holy Cross faith than any other nation, and also offering the most consolodated presence to discourage pirate activity, they are a small nation, but prosperous and mighty.

Historical Notes:

(Influences: Austria, France, Germany, Templars)