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Kowego flag

Capitol: Cabaldon

Religion: Cabal Angels

Major Cities: Ulsan, Dejegon, Kuwesu, Hangul, Mah Gioia, and Jong.

Citizens: The people of Kowego are called Kowegans.

Asian-tanned with almond-shaped eyes in amber/garnet/orange/rust colours and hair in the same spectrum. They are sleek-bodied, rather androgynous and fairly short in stature.

Culture: A great number of the sexual slaves, indentured brothel workers and harem flesh are sourced from Kowego - both males and females. Their arts of dance and companionship are much desired, and many cultures with less tolerant views on homosexuality admire their androgyny for an easy way to cater to taboo clients without raising suspicion.

Historical Notes: One of the exotic Asican nations, Kowegans are thought to have migrated up from the Frontierslands during an ancient drought. While the people may have begun on the Amera continent, the Asican nation of Kowego is the older of the two split kowegan nations.

(Influences: Korea, South Africa, Ivory Coast)