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Capitol: Babasvita

Religion: Mother-on-High

Major Cities: Ajmer, Bagahara, Svattisthana, Mudipula, Vitaskasha, Merdi*, Hothisvita, Puali, Anjerhaddi, Gopali, Ajna and Nellore*. (* These cities are located in Nord Herespere)

Citizens: The people of Herespere are called Heresperans, or Herens. Their people typically have silky brown-hair and are brown-skinned, with a golden or honey-complexion that has led the land to be referred to as the Land of Honey. Their eyes are typically brown as well, but on occasion they are green, and this is considered a marker of great beauty. In frame they are short, lean and naturally very flexible, leading to their pre-eminence in the performing arts, medicine and many martial styles.

Culture: Their people are typically adorned with jewellery or henna that gives both men and women an embellished and androgynous beauty. Their excess and open display of wealth has long-irked the Goths. It is curious to note that Herespere practices a (condoned) unique form of the Mother-on-High faith that worships an incredibly large pantheon of Goddesses, at some counts in the hundreds. Some scholars believe that these extended pantheons may have inspired the origins of the Cabal Angels.

Historical Notes:

(Influences: India, Sultanates of Persia, Babylon)