Gun Portrait j

Milosh Çigâny, aka Gun


Name: Milosh Çigâny

Homeland: Sperana; city: Lunes

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175lbs

DOB: Tevet 13th (Draco)

Age: 17

Hair: Black (with beads and dreads)

Skin: Gyspy Tan

Eyes: Green

Affiliation: Weaponry, DeHavilland (previously Blackbeard's Revenge)

Faith: Pagan (Uvatspere)


Milosh is the youngest son of the famed pirate Blackbeard. When his gypsy mother died of tuberculosis, he wound up on his father's ship at the age of 7. His father's other progeny had been squabbling over Blackbeard's treasures and already three of his brothers had died in the feuds, and so Blackbeard decreed that none of his children would inherit anything unless they earned their worth. As Gun, Milosh wishes to become a pirate captain by winning the Captain's Seal and thereby finally step out of his father's shadow.==