De Havilland Colours

De Havilland's flag

•De Havilland ~ A 30-gun Galleon captained by Captain Trebuchet, and the host ship for Weaponry Academy. As Trebuchet has three ships under his command (the Bleriot and the Ballista) he is sometimes called Admiral Trebuchet, and he possesses the means to bestow a Captain's Seal on any of his students he feels can best rise to the task. For this reason, Weaponry Academy is seen as the most prestigious pirate school in the Seven Seas. Her flag is a black field with a red eagle carrying a pair of white cross bones.

The De Havilland is the origin of the prestigious School of Piracy known as Weaponry Academy. The ship itself is berthed in Garrison Bay, in Isla Theosopha, Rabinon when not out raiding. Being a large and powerful ship, equipped with two fully operational Powder Chests and a combination of 6 Manual Artillery Guns and 22 10lb Cannons, she is expensive to sail into full battle. Because of this, and the reputation that precedes her, most of the training raids and smaller targets are carried out by the Ballista.

She was built in Tantland, originally commissioned as Corsair ship, before being taken in one of the most sensational sea battles by Erasmus No-Mercy. The Captain's Seal (a tattoo of a red eagle bearing crossbones) was bestowed upon Thaddeus Erasmus, soon to be known as Captain Trebuchet.