Curtiss Cross Colours j

Curtiss Cross' Flag

Curtiss Cross ~ A 1st Rate Frigate with some 120-guns and controlled by the Laos Church of the Holy Cross (which in turn often answers to the Holy See in Sanctua). A military ecclesiastic ship of the aggressive missionary churches of Laosland. They actively pursue breakers of God's Law under the direction of the pious Captain Von Dreher. Her flag is a golden field with a red Laos Holy Cross in its centre.

The TemplarsEdit

Those who serve on the Curtiss Cross are a special rank of priest sanctioned by the Holy See. Technically missionaries, they are said to weild the might of God along their weapons. Fearsome and dogmatic, they are generally considered the most effective force against piracy.

Niklaus Gerhard, now the formiddable pirate "Grenade" with Weaponry Academy, was once a Templar with them. He is largely considered the best they ever produced and his defection is still considered their greatest loss.