The common slang for those who practise a habit of smoking Pipe Resins. Due to the habit-forming nature of Pipe Resins, those who smoke to excess, whether by quantity or frequency, obvious side affects occur. The most common are:

Soot LungEdit

A consumptive rattle in the lungs that leaves them constantly feeling wet, leading to increased infection in the chest, respiratory ailments, asthmatic symptoms and sleep apnia.

Haze SpottingEdit

A permanent residual hallucination out of the corner of the eyes; some find it distracting, others lose their attention span, yet others develop paranoia regarding these 'Flights' they constantly see, marking them as ghosts, omens or spirits.

The CobwebsEdit

A clinging physical sensation usually destribed as 'having cobwebs on the skin', which can result in scratching, sores, rashes, twitchy nerves, and dryness of the mucous membranesm especially in the nose and throat, which can lead to bleeding.


Addiction is a serious concern with Pipe Resins, especially the more potent blends. Many turn to Resins as a way to unwind, forget trauma or sorrows, or numb pain. However, along with the psychological 'relief' or 'sweetness' of being 'In the Clouds', as it is called, there is also a compounding physical component. After much exposure, users find they cannot abate their initial symptoms without the continued use of Resins. While some can maintain their habits to stay functional, seemingly collected and balanced individuals, there are others who are so weighed down by their Resins, or whose preferred blends are so intoxicating and debilitating that they waste away. Often when Chasing Clouds, the body's capabilty to react or comprehend normal stimuli is dredged to a pared down vestige, making them vulnerable and unaware of danger, pain, hunger or ailment.

Medicinal UsesEdit

Originally Pipe Resins were concocted for use in Miran Houkahs to treat patients with wracking fevers (such as Maltova's Ailment, Red Fever and Marauder's Malady), soon though, their popularity spread to the battlefields of Sperana as a way to aenesthetize for on-field amputations and operations. Eventually, with their introduction to the Ganonian Courts as a treatment for anxiety, nerves and sleeplessness, it gradually spread in popularity as a recreational drug. It's popularity created the Hedonist Lounges, which although outwardly castigated by the Holy Sea, continue to grow in number and popularity worldwide.