Cannon portrait 2 j

Coen Ballard, aka Cannon


Name: Coen Ballard

Homeland: Tantland; city: Gravis

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 238lbs

DOB: Ziv 19th (Taurus)

Age: 28

Hair: Sandy Blond

Skin: Suntanned Fair

Eyes: Hazel

Affiliation: DeHavilland (previously Osprey of the Black Hawker, Hawkers School)

Position: Ship's Cook and Priest, Master of Medicine

Faith: Holy Cross


Coen began his piracy career in his teens and was accepted to the Hawker's School of Piracy. There he was given his papers with high commendations under the name Osprey. With his title fairly won he got hired by the Bleriot as Ship's Cook, and swiftly proved himself a skilled medic as well. Despite his ferocity in battle, he was well-liked by his shipmates, and soon came to also fill the role as ship's priest for those Holy Cross worshipers on board. When the Divide came, he sided with Trebuchet and kept his post on the new DeHavilland. When Weaponry Academy was started, he was given the title Master of Medicine in addition to his post.