Blade Portrait j

Dominic Montblanche, aka Blade


Name: Dominic Montblanche

Homeland: Ganon; city: Pirence

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 195lbs

DOB: Av 17th (Leo)

Age: 18

Hair: Blond

Skin: Pink (suntanned)

Eyes: Blue

Affiliation: Weaponry, DeHavilland (previously the Montblanche Star)

Faith: Holy Cross


Dominic is the only heir to the Montblanche Estates, but abandoned his birthright when his parents tried to betroth him to the daughter of a prominent Noble House. Having no intention of ever marrying and wishing to eschew the responsibility and expectations of his station, he decided to turn to a life of Piracy to figuratively spit in the face of everything his family stands for. Still, coming from a wealthy background has led Blade to expect a life of luxuries, and his natural ambition has only been heightened now that he has to earn his place. He is competing for the Captain's Seal in the hopes of making a career on the High Seas.