((not to be confused with the Earth historical Blackbeard - Edward Teach))

Name: Rafael Leonez

Captain: Revenge

Country: Sperana

Wild and free, Blackbeard has always chafed at any sort of rule, and is sometimes known as the Pirate of Principle. He is tempestuous and vindictive, attacking as much to destroy as to steal. He is selfish and proud, but his pride of reputation extends to his crew, and he has been known to flay men alive for giving insult to his flag or ship. While not a superlative tactitian, he has an uncanny sense for treasure and the will to obtain it which is rivaled by few. Rumour has it that he has passed on this uncanny sense to his youngest known son, Milosh.

Known Progeny:Edit

^ Adán Leonez (deceased)

^ Beltrán Leonez (deceased)

+ Cirala Miroun (deceased)

^ Dimas Aloranzo (deceased)

^ Toledo Perez (deceased)

^ Domingo Leonez

+ Domenica Leonez (deceased)

+ Julia Batella (deceased)

^ Estéban de Fuego (deceased)

+ Mirabelle Ançoise

^ Fausto Corazon

+ Maria Temara

^ Fernán de Fuego

^ Gaspar Leonez (deceased)

^ Jacobo Leonez (deceased)

+ Téadora Valdez

+ Juana Leonez

^ León Leonez (deceased)

^ Sans Leonez (deceased)

+ Birgit Scwartzerbart

^ Teobaldo del Agua (deceased)

+ Carman Leonez

^ Vidal Leonez

^ Amado Leonez (deceased)

^ Milosh Çigâny

^ Carlos Carmino (deceased)